Solano Family Law Attorney

Family law covers a number of difficult legal issues, from divorce to child custody battles. All of these issues can be traumatic for the people involved, often leading to intense conflict and stress. When you are involved in any of these cases, you need an experienced Solano Family Law Attorney on your side.

About Solano Family Law Cases

Some of the most common types of family law cases in Solano include:


When one or both spouses decide to end their legal relationship, divorce proceedings are required. Before the divorce is finalized, the spouses must settle several issues related to their separation, including division of marital property, division of marital debt, child custody, child support and/or spousal support. While some spouses are able to settle these issues on their own, others will need to go to court.

Child Custody

If a child’s parents don’t live in the same home, child custody arrangements determine where the child lives, when he or she sees each parent and which parent is able to make decisions on the child’s behalf. California requires all custody orders to focus on the best interests of the child.

Child Support

Child support is typically required when a child’s parents aren’t together. In most cases, the noncustodial parent will make periodic payments to the custodial parent. The amount of support required varies based on the specifics of the situation.


The purpose of paternity proceedings is to establish the identity of a child’s father for custody and support purposes. Paternity proceedings can be initiated by either parent.


Adoption is a legal procedure that allows you to become the legal parents of a child that isn’t yours biologically. Similar procedures are used for both relatives and non-relatives.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Solano

If you are dealing with a family law matter, you need to know that you have a trustworthy Solano attorney on your side. Anthony Proffitt understands these cases, and he can help you resolve your issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. Whether you are involved in a complicated divorce with children and expensive assets or you simply want to establish paternity, he will give you the personalized attention you deserve.

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