Solano Debt Settlement and Judgment Enforcement Attorney

Interactions between debtors and creditors are often complicated and messy. To resolve these matters to the satisfaction of everyone involved, legal action is often required. Attorney Anthony Proffitt is proud to represent both consumers and creditors in Solano and the surrounding area.

Debt Settlement for Consumers

When you owe more money than you can afford to pay, falling behind in your payments is unavoidable. Once you have fallen behind, creditors will begin making every attempt to collect. This may include phone calls, threatening letters, wage garnishment, bank account levies and more.

With the help of a debt settlement attorney, you may be able to get out from under this debt without filing bankruptcy or paying the full amount you owe. The debt settlement attorney’s goal will be to help you negotiate the lowest possible payoff amount your creditor will accept in return for marking the debt as “paid in full.”

Judgment Enforcement for Creditors and Individuals

When someone fails to pay what he or she owes, you can take steps to collect this amount. One of the most important steps involves obtaining a judgment against the consumer for the amount in question. Judgments may also be awarded in other types of cases, such as personal injury lawsuits. Regardless of the reason for the judgment, an attorney can help you enforce it if the party fails to pay, making it easier for you to collect as much money as possible.

Hiring a Debt Settlement and Judgement Enforcement Attorney in Solano

Whether you are a consumer facing unaffordable debts or you are trying to collect from someone in Solano, hiring an experienced judgment enforcement and debt settlement attorney can be beneficial. Attorney Anthony Proffitt understands these issues from both sides, and he is capable of skillfully representing both creditors and consumers. When representing creditors or individuals enforcing judgments, Attorney Anthony Proffitt uses every resource at his disposal to ensure maximum recovery. When representing consumers, he uses his skills as a negotiator to minimize the financial strain on the client while also resolving his or her debt.

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