Scales of Justice and Courthouse

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime in Solano, your very freedom may be at risk. Conviction carries significant penalties in California, including fines and time in jail or prison. Some types of offenses may carry other types of penalties as well, such as driver’s license suspension. Regardless of the charges you are facing, you need an experienced Solano Criminal Defense Attorney on your side.

Debt Settlement and Judgment Enforcement

Interactions between debtors and creditors are often complicated and messy. To resolve these matters to the satisfaction of everyone involved, legal action is often required. Attorney Anthony Regner is proud to represent both consumers and creditors in Solano and the surrounding area.

Family Law

The practice area of family law covers a number of difficult legal issues, from divorce to child custody battles. All of these issues can be traumatic for the people involved, often leading to intense conflict and stress. When you are involved in any of these cases, you need an experienced Solano Family Law Attorney on your side.